IN PLUSH was founded as a chic and prestigious jewelry brand in 2012 in sunny Los Angeles, CA - jewelry district of the world!
IN PLUSHin an impressive, expensive, rich, or luxurious way.
IN PLUSH quickly became a renowned name in the jewelry industry, featured in high fashion photoshoots, magazines, music videos, and red carpet events. IN PLUSH gained traction as the top jewelry brand of influencers and celebrities in early 2012. Since then we have grown and expanded into accessories for special occasions and our new line of stunning resort wear jewelry.
IN PLUSH offers a diverse and chic selection of sterling silver, fine, and costume jewelry, collaborating with trusted suppliers globally to ensure high-quality, responsibly-sourced materials. IN PLUSH revolutionized the market with a disruption of providing exceptional jewelry and customer service at great value.
Committed to high quality products, innovation, and customer satisfaction, IN PLUSH aims to be your premier online jewelry destination.